What this course covers

  • Overview

    The emotional rollercoaster of fertility treatment - why stress can be a common experience

  • Phases & feelings

    Couples experience different emotions during each phase of their fertility treatment journey

  • Recommendations

    Practical tips to relieve stress and maintain a healthy mind and body while trying to conceive

The course curriculum

  • 1
    1. Stress and infertility (5 minutes)
    • 1.1 What is stress
    • 1.2 Impact on fertility
    • 1.3 Quiz
  • 2
    2. Phases and feelings (5 minutes)
    • 2.1 Phases & feelings
    • 2.2 Emotional rollercoaster
    • 2.3 Quiz
  • 3
    3. Common responses (5 minutes)
    • 3.1 Typical responses
    • 3.2 The 2-week wait
    • 3.3 Quiz
  • 4
    4. Practical tips (5 minutes)
    • 4.1 For partners
    • 4.2 For women
    • 4.3 Quiz


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